You Will be Amazed at Your Baby’s Response to our Black and White Books!

Did you know that babies in the early months prefer to look at black and white rather than colour? At Mesmerised we specialise in black and white books & gifts designed specifically for babies from newborn until 12 months of age. Why do babies like looking at black and white?

‘Black and white contrasting pictures maximise visual stimulation and appear to encourage infant development in the early months’. – Jennifer Gregor, Paediatric doctor, Melbourne, Australia.


Baby enjoying black and white book on playmat

Mesmerised black and white baby book

Mesmerised by Katey Love, 0-6mths

cloth baby book black and white

Faces for Baby cloth book by Katey Love, 0-9mths

Baby face baby book of colours

Baby Face by Katey Love, 0-12mths

baby flashcards

Mesmerised Flashcards by Katey Love 0-6mths


A word from some happy Mums…
‘Just wanted to say that my 5 month old baby LOVES Mesmerised and has done since she was only a month old. We just did a 10,000km car trip with her and Mesmerised saved the day. Thanks.’ Susie, Kununurra, WA.

‘Just had to say how beautiful your book is. A midwife at the mother and baby unit recommended it to us. I then recommended it to my online mums group. So many of the girls have raved since purchasing the book and flash cards!’ Lisa, Hobart

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