Black and white books for babies


Stimulating | Engaging | Great for visual development

You will be amazed at your baby’s response to our books!

At Mesmerised we specialise in black and white books designed specifically for newborns and babies. In the early months of life, while vision is still developing, babies find black and white, high-contrast images easier to see. Our specially-designed books will nurture cognitive development and provide plenty of stimulation for your growing baby. Why do babies like looking at black and white?

‘Just wanted to say that my 5 month old baby LOVES Mesmerised and has done since she was only a month old. We just did a 10,000km car trip with her and Mesmerised saved the day. Thanks.’

Susie, Kununurra, WA.

Play the video to below to watch a baby’s incredible response to Mesmerised book by Katey Love.

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