A word from some happy Mums…

‘Just had to say how beautiful your book is. A midwife at the mother and baby unit recommended it to us. I then recommended it to my online mums group. So many of the girls have raved since purchasing the book and flash cards!’ Lisa, Hobart

‘Just wanted to say that these books are literally the best thing ever, my 7 week old is obsessed, he stops crying as soon as I open the book for him! If you have a link for a public review please send it because every new parent needs to know about this!’ Lauren

‘…the book is fantastic!! I ordered one a few months back and my 8 week old son loves it. I have been telling all my friends and am buying one for all the new babies!’ Kate, Brunswick, Victoria.

‘Hi Katey, I received the book today. It is fantastic…I’m very happy with it. My 20 month old son loves it as well, and as the name suggests my 10 week old is MESMERISED.’ Cara, Hobart, Tasmania.

‘Just wanted to say that my 5 month old baby LOVES Mesmerised and has done since she was only a month old. We just did a 10,000km car trip with her and Mesmerised saved the day. Thanks.’ Susie, Kununurra, WA.

‘I’ve heard how great the Mesmerised books are for newborns and I often recommend the books to family and friends , but to see my own newborn engaging with the books the way he has has been very special. Alexander’s response to the pictures in the Mesmerised book was immediate. I could see the enjoyment and intrigue in his eyes, so much so that when he was a little frustrated with wind, I was able to put the book in front of him and he completely relaxed, pooping straight away!’ Liz, Maleny

‘Hello, just thought I’d share a photo of my newborn (6 days old) looking at the flashcards I put up near the change table. I didn’t think he would be able to see them for a while still, but put them up for my toddler to enjoy too. But just now, he was crying while I was changing his nappy. He all of a sudden stopped and he was looking at the cards!’ Lucy

‘Hi Katey – just wanted to say that we got Mesmerised and Baby Face as a gift at birth, and our little fella is now nearly 9 months old – and they are still his favourite books. At story time, from the stack of books he always reaches for these. The way he looks at the pictures, laughs at the sounds we make – like the fish blup blup & blow the petals on the flower – and leans into the faces … he just ‘gets’ these like no other picture books’.

‘I just want to let you know that I thought your books seemed a bit too good to be true but wanted to give them a try, so purchased them. Wow was I pleasantly surprised! My son loves looking at them! Thank you!’

And of course the best testimonials are from the babies themselves. Check out the Photo Gallery page for proof that babies of all ages really are captivated and ‘mesmerised’ by Mesmerised books.